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Buy The Ultimate Pillow + 2 Covers & Receive A FREE Butterfly Pregnancy Pillow With Your Order BUY NOW!

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  • Ultimate Pregnancy And Nursing Pillow


    Ultimate Pregnancy And Nursing Pillow

    Unique patent pending cradle design. Experience supreme luxury and maximise your comfort during your pregnancy and beyond.

  • The Snuggle Up Pregnancy Body Pillow


    The Snuggle Up Pregnancy Body Pillow

    U-Shape For Ultimate Comfort & Support When Sleeping, Relaxing & Nursing. Great Body Neck, Shoulder & Back Support.

  • The Butterfly Pregnancy Pillow


    The Butterfly Pregnancy Pillow

    Wing design prevents rolling and discomfort for a good night's rest. It supports the recommended side sleeping position

  • The Pure Zen Body Pillow


    The Pure Zen Body Pillow

    This small and light 'Take Me Anywhere' maternity body pillow offers premium quality, support & comfort for mums on the move.

pregnancy body pillow for mothers

A Pregnancy Pillow For Mums

Are you finding it hard to get a good night’s sleep? Have you tried every pregnancy pillow on the market and find you are still not able to get comfortable and rest properly?

Your Ultimate Pregnancy Pillow

Ultimate Pillows place you in optimal rest and sleeping positions while pregnant and to provide feeding support while you nurse your baby.


Thanks so much, I can't believe how awesomely quickly I received my order. I wasn't expecting to receive them until Wednesday at the very earliest!! So happy, and can't wait to finally get a decent nights sleep. You rock! The high price almost put me off (high for me anyway) but these looked the best out of all the pillows I researched. I now know that they feel awesome too.

Thanks so much again!"

- Siân