Coffee Tips & Tricks with The French Press

You were probably given one of these at your engagement party, and it has sat in your cupboard ever since.

Australia has become a nation of coffee critics and coffee snobs. With a $4 plus price tag for a cup of liquid gold we call coffee, we’ve come to expect a perfectly brewed coffee every time.
At Ultimate Pillows, we believe life is too short to have a bad coffee.

This month at Ultimate Pillows, we’ll explore the different methods of coffee brewing and roasting. Other than the ordinary espresso machine seen and used in local coffee shops, there are many different brewing methods where you can enjoy cafe quality coffee in the comfort of your own home:

The French Press:

You were probably given one of these at your engagement party, and it has sat in your cupboard ever since. Did you know you can make a decent cup of coffee in less than 5 minutes with this guy? The French Press is most likely the easiest way to control the time and temperature for your coffee. The French Press offers strong flavour due to the perfect extraction time and delivery of the oils released that are often trapped in paper filters. The French Press is often less expensive than other coffee brewers available.

How To Brew:
  • boil about 2-3 cups of water
  • freshly grind the coffee using a course setting
  • remove the plunger and place the coffee grounds at the bottom of the glass
  • add the hot water (not boiling) to the ground coffee
  • after about 3-4 minutes brewing time adds the plunger head
  • press down slowly

    The French Press is not as convenient as an American drip fed coffee maker because of the preparation and cleaning time. The French Press will often lose heat faster than some other methods. Depending on the temperature of the water, the French Press will offer a more dynamic and complex cup of coffee.

    Ultimate Pillow mum coffee connoisseurs recommended that you grind your coffee fresh every time. Only grind coffee that you need for the day. Always keep your fresh beans in an airtight container at room temperature. Never keep your coffee beans in the fridge as beans absorb surrounding flavours.

    Breville offers a robust, cheap at home coffee grinder for just $70. With this grinder, you can adjust for different coffee styles and grind sizes for almost all coffee brewing methods.