Give The Ideal Pregnancy Gift

Give The Ideal Pregnancy Gift

Looking for a great pregnancy gift for someone special? Pregnancy is very stressful on a mum-to-be's body, and why pregnant women truly deserve great pamper gifts ...

Pregnancy is very stressful on a mum-to-be's body, and why pregnant women truly deserve great pamper giftsSo what is a great Christmas, birthday, or congratulatory gift for a pregnant woman? What is thoughtful and unique ... a pregnancy gift that will delight the important woman in your life?

A luxury maternity pillow is a great option.


  • She'll use it and benefit from the maternity pillow every day - it is both luxurious and practical.
  • It will support her body while sleeping on her side and allow her to rest comfortably.
  • These pillows contain thousands of tiny siliconised Comfortfil ® Polyester Fibre balls all move independently to ensure a superior loft.
  • Maternity pillows (pregnancy pillows) assist in taking stress and pressure away from a pregnant woman's changing body. This facilitates the comfortable and recommended side sleeping position.

  • These luxury body pillows are non-allergenic, mould and mildew resistant. They come with a 12-month warranty and they're shipped free Australia wide.

Ultimate Pregnancy Maternity Pillows

Ultimate maternity pillows are proudly researched, designed and made in Australia. Check out the range ...