Pregnancy Nutrition Guide: What To Eat During Pregnancy

We all need to eat a healthy diet, but when you’re pregnant, it becomes even more important for the well-being and development of your unborn baby.

Next to a breakfast, lunch is probably the second most overlooked meal of the day. As mums, we barely have time to prepare the kids school lunches let alone our own. Lunch will often consist of a quick stop at your local cafe near the office for a muffin and a coffee, and then it will be taken straight back and eaten at your desk.

When noon rolls around, it seem too easy to go and buy your lunch. We’ve sourced five easy and simple low calorie, high protein recipes that can be made in a flash. Protein takes longer to digest than carbs and sugars. Your blood stays more even giving you fewer mood dips and higher energy. levels. Protein filled lunches will keep your belly full, helping you not to snack later in the day.

This month we’re continuing on the topic of exercise and healthy eating. We’ve talked about high-intensity exercises like Crossfit and cost effective outdoor activities to keep you moving. But what do you do when you still look in the mirror and see that post pregnancy ‘mummy tummy’?

You could be very surprised as to what your belly looks like after giving birth. Even though you’ve given birth and your baby is out of your belly, you may still have a round abdominal area. You might not want to hear it, but a few weeks (or months)after you have given birth you will probably look about 4 months pregnant.

Every new mum knows its super hard to make time to do any form of exercise after you have had a baby. But if you want to fit back into those pre-pregnancy jeans, again you will need to do at leat 30 minutes of physical activity each day, 5 days a week minimum!

The need to work out everyday is most definitely not something you want to hear after having been through labour and adjusting to a little human in your world. Alterning your sleeping patterns is hard enough let alone trying to fit in a bit of physical exercise.