Healthy Snack Ideas for Pregnant Women

When hunger pangs strike, it can be too easy to snack on choccies, chips and other quick snacks. However, healthy pregnancy snacks can be just as quick and easy as 'junk food' options. Check out these nutrient-packed ideas ...

Get the perfect pregnancy gift for your wife … and how you benefit!

Are you about to become a proud dad? Are you looking for the perfect pregnancy gift to give your beautiful wife to help her through her pregnancy? If your wife is dealing with the typical aches and pains of pregnancy, or suffering from back and hip pain, her life is probably very uncomfortable … and yours probably is too. A luxury pregnancy pillow is practical on many levels.

How To Deal With Fatigue During Pregnancy It’s not uncommon to feel tired during pregnancy, especially in the first trimester. After all, you’re making a person! That’s hard work, especially when it’s compounded by massive hormonal changes, dropping blood sugar and blood pressure, and a huge increase in your metabolism.
Pregnancy Nutrition Guide: What To Eat During Pregnancy

We all need to eat a healthy diet, but when you’re pregnant, it becomes even more important for the well-being and development of your unborn baby.

Why You Need Folate During Pregnancy

Folate During PregnancyWhether you’re planning a baby or are newly pregnant, you’ve probably been told that getting enough folate in your diet is especially important. But what exactly is folate, and why do you need it?

Have you ever woken up in the middle of the night for a sore neck or lower back pain caused by your baby bump?

It is possible to reduce the number of times you wake up at odd hours by positioning yourself so that your neck and spine and in a straight neutral position by using a pregnancy pillow. Pregnancy health care professionals recommend that you sleep on your left side during pregnancy.

Here are some great reasons why we love the Butterfly Maternity Pillow and why you should too!

1. Portable

2. Custom Fit

3. Great Back Support

4. Allery Free

Last week we talked about Gross Motor Skills. This week we chat about ‘Fine Motor Skills’

"Fine motor" alludes to the developments babies make with the little muscles of the hands.

Kids begin to utilise their hands comfortable to investigate their own particular bodies and their general surroundings. Their fine motor skills grow as their entire body begins to move and get to be more steady. They additionally figure out how to accomplish more things with their hands as their cognitive and social/passionate skills move forward.

A quick search on Google will reveal that motor skill are simple actions that involve your baby using their muscles.
There are two types of motor skills taught and learnt, Gross Motor Skills and Fine Motor Skills. Here we’ll cover what are Gross Motor Skills

Gross motor skills are, in essence, simple larger movements your baby will make with their arm, legs, feet or their entire body.

Jumping in a jolly jumper, running or crawling and Gross Motor Skills.
As your baby begins to grow into a toddler, their development of these gross motor skills will help them to hold their head up, sit upright and eventually walk, run and skip.

Protecting your child’s health would be one of the most important aspects of parenthood. Every mother would do anything to protect their little ones wellbeing.

Raising a child comes with many decisions, some come with a matter of different tastes like what colour to paint the baby room or nursery.

Other essential decisions like safety hazards that could potentially cause serious harm to your baby. Adding preventives in your home is a no brainer, but what about the hazards that you can’t see that can cause serious illness, disability or even death?

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