Are you considering buying a pregnancy and nursing pillow? What features should you look for to make the best choice?

Mothers-to-be and doctors alike cite comfort features of The Ultimate Pregnancy and Nursing Pillow. A body-pillow will help support your baby bump, while preventing rolling forward in an awkward sprawl. The unique curved cradle shape of the Ultimate pillow can support not just your growing tummy, but also your head and neck. Also, tuck the other end between your knees to align your hips and reduce the hip pain often associated with pregnancy.

Pregnancy pillows can help you overcome one of the greatest challenges you will face as your pregnancy progresses - finding comfort during sleep or rest.

 Early in your pregnancy you will experience pressure on your bladder and perhapsnausea. Later in your pregnancy you may also experience indigestionheartburn and sometimes leg cramps.

Whether you're pregnant, planning a baby shower for someone else, or shopping for the perfect baby shower gift, Ultimate Pillows has the perfect choice – Comfort and rest for mum during and after pregnancy.

Our experts and kidspot mums have shared their thoughts on  “how amazingly comfortable and supportive the pillow is”. It’s the PERFECT gift! Comfort means an Ultimate Pillow…. Mum’s LOVE them.

We had some of our customers asking us if a pregnancy pillow can prevent still birth. That is not an easy question to answer.  Let’s have a look at some of the medical information available. In a recent interview on Australian Nine News Sophie Scott spoke to Dr Adrienne Gordon, a neonatologist from Sydney's Royal Prince Alfred Hospital. Dr Gordon conducted a study of 300 pregnant women and found that there is a link between how women sleep during their pregnancies and the incidence of stillborn babies. Her study showed that women sleeping on their backs in the later stages of pregnancy were six times more likely to have a stillborn baby. Here is an extract from that interview:

Is it safe to use a pregnancy pillow?
What do medical experts say about the use of pregnancy pillows?
Should you be using one? 

The joy, expectation and anticipation that a pregnant woman is supposed to feel can often be clouded by lack of sleep. Although hormonal changes can contribute to minor insomnia often the only thing standing between an expectant mom and a good night’s rest is adequate support for her and her growing baby!

Doctor’s agree that pregnant women who are offered sufficient support will experience some relief from pressure on their abdominal nerves and uterus. There should also be an improvement in heartburn and blood circulation in the legs.

Mothers who have used a pregnancy pillows from Ultimate Pillows cannot stop gushing about how it has revolutionised their sleep. Mom’s report feeling refreshed, relaxed, and in a great mood when they wake up in the morning. This is because their nights of tossing and turning were replaced with long nights of restful sleep instead.

One major concern on the mind of every pregnant woman is the safety and well-being of her and her unborn baby.  When contemplating whether or not to invest in a pregnancy pillow for added comfort and support, it is important to be able to ask questions should there be any safety concerns.

If you have ever been pregnant you will agree wholeheartedly that carrying a child is no walk in the park! Your body goes through so many changes and the result is often pain and discomfort in your hips, joints, back and shoulders.This discomfort prevents many expectant moms from getting the good night’s sleep that they so desperately need!

5 Good Reasons Why You Should Use a Pregnancy Pillow

Ultimate Pillows has carefully designed a range of pregnancy pillows that will help you to wake up feeling refreshed and ready to take on each new day. Here are five good reasons why you should be using a pregnancy pillow during pregnancy.